The Meeting.

5pm, He was walking his way out of hectic day. It was getting dark and the winter was sending chills in his bones, He looked up and saw a familiar face pass by him, he rose his hand quickly to wave a good-bye, his lips stretched dry from a smile that drew on his face and then his eyes moved on just as his hand came down and he was back on the grey path, a sidewalk where he reluctantly lost himself.

His eyes lowered and he gripped tightly on the strap clinging to his shoulder. Something was out-of-place in him. There were voices in his head and no paper in his hands to fill thoughts with, with every step he struggled to know who he was, something was beating unsteady within him, something inside, he felt he was at the edge of a ridge about to fall, he started to count his breathes. His steps slowed down and he recognized the path, He realized he wasn’t whole, a piece of him was missing, he wasn’t himself or perhaps too full of it.

He closed his eyes and sighed deep, he knew what his body wanted to do next, but he didn’t comply. He didn’t want to look up to the skies anymore, he didn’t believe in them anymore. He shook his head and fastened his pace. “You left me” He whispered unconsciously, he walked out of a giant iron gate, his thoughts had come back stronger and his mind went busy answering them like mathematical problems. He hated these thoughts they reminded him everything.

“Hey” a familiar voice rang in his ear. He rose his head up to meet a pair of dark eyes, He recognized that face and he felt gravity under his feet vanish, His face kept expressionless and his eyes blinked, Inside he was screaming like he had seen a ghost.

“Hey… what are you doing here?” He blinked regaining his composure, His beats slowed down, he tried not to smile but his lips drew a soft one, exposing his relief. “I came to see you, why else would I be here?”, She looked at him with her casual expressions and there was no awkwardness in her act.

A part of him was glad to hear those words, the reluctant smile grew wider, but he felt something wasn’t right and he wished he didn’t feel that way. He nodded and lowered his gaze, away from her eyes. He couldn’t bear an eye contact with her, He didn’t want her to see how miserable and lost he was, and his ego definitely couldn’t swallow the realization of him being glad to see her.

He continued to walk as the girl started to walk beside him.

“So how have you been?” He kept up with her play. “What do you think?”, She teased him. Her scent kept creeping in his mind and her voice was like music, he wanted to hear it closely but it kept get fainter, He couldn’t escape her in the head and now he couldn’t escape her from reality. With each step he felt  getting weaker, there was something happening, something wrong but funny in his gut.

“You know I’m such a dick”, She looked at him with a concerned look, “I keep doing this to you”, A smirk drew on his face, he looked at her in wicked stare, “Well you’re a cunt actually… speaking technically”. She shook her head and took a blow on his arm, he was satisfied. “You know what I missed the most doing to you?” He smirked wider as she looked in his eyes searchingly in disbelief, “What did you miss?” She asked hesitantly. “Insulting you”, He replied satisfied entrapping her, the feelings in his guts were gone now.

She shook her head and hit him again teased. He took advantage of her weak blow and took hold of her arm in his like a tight knot. They both walked cuddled up next to each other, no words were whispered and they’re lips were sealed. There were eyes everywhere upon them with disapproval but they both kept clung together like they were on a rowboat alone entering the dark cave. Each step he took forward he felt he was nearing on heaven and they were growing more intimate and close.

“You’re still stuck aren’t you?” She broke her silence and looked at him vulnerably, “You’re still wondering why I left you?” her words were like bullets shot at his heart, he hid what he felt and kept walking silently keeping his gaze unchanged, and the truth was he didn’t want to know anymore least of all at this moment.

“It came to the point where no matter… how close I got to you. I felt alon-“, “Lets get you home safely… Everyone is staring at us” He shook his head. Her words had pierced through him and he felt the holes burning behind. She looked at him and then looked around, there were strangers eying them down and she realized where she was again. A fear was growing in her eyes and she looked at him frightened white, he knew what she had remembered.

“Hey it’s gonna be okay…”, He hushed her. “Calm down”, He took her in his hold and started to walk again. “Everything will be alright” The sun had drowned in the darkness and as they both continued to walk the darkness kept drawing in on them and before he knew it his sight had faded and he lost conscious.

His eyes opened weakly and he was on a bed… His body ached and he struggled to remember who he was and the only thing lying next to him was a notebook and a pencil.



About Haris

I've never seen myself as a writer but sometimes words just flow out of my fingers.
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