Voiceless Flashback 1

A usual evening, I was done with the shower and in front of the mirror. I stared at my foggy reflection- I didn’t recognize my face. I reach out with my red hand and traced it slowly across the mirror, I looked myself in the eyes and they were blank as ever.

I grabbed the razor and went about my work, slowly and eloquently I cleaned  off my jaw. Something flashed on my left side, my eyes darted at the door and there you were and then you were gone; I was lost in the air, the time had stopped, I could hear my heart beat and then I looked back in the mirror, it took a second to see the look in my eyes. It was too good to be real but I knew I couldn’t fake it.

I remembered you stood there once; you had to sneak in. It was an odd moment we both kept quiet but you stood there, and you kept your stare and I kept peaking from the corner of my eyes. Intent you wouldn’t speak nor did you leave, the more I noticed you stand there the more I didn’t want you to leave. So I hastened up and you to kept standing there motionless.

When I was done I came up to you, you reached for my cheek and cupped me in your hand, your lips were sealed but your eyes were whispering with the strangest glint. I wondered- would the distance close some more-

And then I blinked and I was back in the present, there was fog, it was cold and I look in the mirror, I scrap my hand over the glass- it’s cold; And there I am- my eyes are blank again.


About Haris

I've never seen myself as a writer but sometimes words just flow out of my fingers.
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4 Responses to Voiceless Flashback 1

  1. Haris, you’re SO good with imagery and flawlessly giving a very relatable feel to your writings by adding a spark of common life essence. Absolutely love what you post here!

    • Haris says:

      Thank you! I honestly don’t know what to say, a year ago I didn’t believe I was good but I very much appreciate that you took the time to tell me that- because that is what is making me believe I can do better.

      I read your last post the other day and to my awe saw how many posts you’ve posted- If you think I’m good then I’m telling you- You are beyond where I am.

      I’ll definitely read all of them and convince you that you are an amazing writter as well.

      • Aw, =)!
        I wish you always stay this kind self of yours. Thank you for the ego boost. It’d be an honor to continue seeing you here, getting better & brighter. Your writings keep a sense of appeal for the readers; getting them halted.
        Sending loads of good wishes & love.

        • Haris says:

          Thank you


          Thank you indeed. Just what I needed and just what I wanted my work to do- that people could relate to.

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