“What’s on your mind?”

“Okay, here’s a new rule, from now on you are not allowed to say nothing”

You told me when I was staring out from the window of my thoughts- scenes passed by, I looked at you and tried to pick out a thought from my broken net.

“I noticed your ass when you came back- it’s huge”

I know I must have made you feel insecure- but was the only cheap comic line I could throw out, Because you see- I often hitch a ride to nowhere, where I don’t need control. How do I explain- when you’re around I’m in an orbit.

–Right now

I see you sleeping and I listened to the song you sent, how do I explain that beat of my heart hit hard at the “Good bye”.

Because in my dreams you’re there and then you disappear, I wake up incomplete. I can’t move- I’m afraid, if I close my eyes I won’t see you again.

I wish I could hold your cheeks and lock your gaze with mine- and hope that you can see how lonely and dark it is on this moon, but I know It can’t come true- when you’re around the wind is warm, I’m holding your hand, and the scenes just pass by.

Because in my mind,

I want to stay there, see the stars burn, the world fade as I hold on to your hand. I want my heart to sync on the counts of your breath and have you sleep on top of my chest. I want to grow old and feel the touch of your hair with my wrinkled hand. I want to stay alive so that I could take a journey on that very train where I kiss you-

and the scenes just pass by.


About Haris

I've never seen myself as a writer but sometimes words just flow out of my fingers.
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