Alittle About Me

I’m an average guy. I laugh, I weep and I suck at grammar, But I love who I am.

Above was an attempt to define myself a few years back and now as I type down words I still can’t find words to define myself.

The truth is the rational part of me sees me as just an other average human being but it is also true that in my mind I am a black hole in the center of a galaxy and like it, I find it hard to describe myself- I’m lost in infinity.

My name is Muhammad Haris Younis- on the card that is but I am just happy being called Haris; And no, I have no problems with how anyone pronounces it. It makes me feel colorful but I really wished my mother didn’t keep the prefix- Something I hope to change one day.
I was born in September and hence that categorizes me as a Virgo- I don’t believe in astrology but I love the attention my sign gets and I love the month because I think it’s safe to assume my parents start the new year with a bang-

When it comes to personality, I am a melancholic and pragmatic, skeptical and yet intuitive. My grandmother often calls me ‘Majnun’ means ‘a crazy person in love’ and I secretly love it. I also have a hidden clown inside me that only hangs around with the people I love.

I’m into science fiction, I love reading, playing and watching it. I also enjoy reading blogs and wikipedia. I am a gamer. My favorite drinks are Tea and Pepsi. Some art turns me on.

Why am I here? Well, to keep it simple- I’m here to teach myself to write, to write everyday, to write every feeling, to write every fantasy and to make a meaning out of it.


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